The kFish

We're fortunate to have this shape dialed in by Kirk at L41 Surfboards. We find it to be the perfect version of a classic, high performance fish surfboard. The key word to associate with this board is FAST. It carries speed everywhere on the wave and allows the surfer to get where they need to be for a snappy turn, carve, or just to get down the line. Available as a quad or twin fin.

As with all of our boards, you can expect attention to detail. Each board is made one at a time for you of the highest quality materials. We'll customize dimensions specifically for you. We offer EPS/Epoxy construction with a variety of foam density and stringer choices. We also have custom layup options (carbon, vector net, and other weaves). Custom color is also available.

Contact us today and let's get a board started for you. 

Some typical kFish dimensions:

:: 5'10" x 21.0" x 2.5" x 35 liters

:: 5'10" x 21.0" x 2.75" x 39 liters

:: 6'0" x 21.0" x 2.5" x 37 liters

:: 5'6" x 20.75" x 2.37" x 32 liters

:: 6'2" x 22.0" x 2.75" x 43 liters