GT Performance Surf Board

The GT will become your "go to" board for most surf sessions. It is a moderate volume, high performance short board. We typically build these with a single concave to a double with a slight vee out the tail. It also works well with a single concave all the way through. There are multiple tail options available - winged, broken, swallow, thumb, squash, you name it. A 5 fin convertible option helps handle any conditions.

As with all of our boards, you can expect attention to detail. Each board is made one at a time for you of the highest quality materials. We'll customize dimensions specifically for you. We offer EPS/Epoxy construction with a variety of foam density and stringer choices. We also have custom layup options (carbon, vector net, and other weaves). Custom color is also available.

Contact us today and let's get a board started for you. 

Some typical GT dimensions:

:: 5'11" x 19.75" x 2.37" x 31 liters

:: 6'3" x 20.0" x 2.63" x 36 liters

:: 6'7" x 21.50" x 3.0" x 47 liters

:: 6'6" x 20.13" x 2.35" x 34 liters