About Us

We feel very lucky to live where we do. While we're located in Pleasure Point, we think all of Santa Cruz is a really special place. We're close to coastal mountains with spectacular redwoods. That means great mountain biking and hiking. We've got rolling hills that stretch from the redwoods to the ocean that are perfect for putting in the miles on the road bike. And then there is the ocean. Raw and open on the north end of the county, more protected in town, we couldn't ask for a better stretch of coast to surf, downwind, paddle, fish, or just sit and watch sea otters.

All these great outdoor activities attract a unique cast of characters. It's a unique mix of artists, activists, and people who thrive on being outside and being active. We love the sense of community, and how this town comes together to support one and other. Being involved, helping develop that sense of community, and giving back is important to us.

There is something about this area that helps keep one young at heart. We grew up surfing, riding bmx, and skating. We've raced bikes in nearly every possible way: including road, track, mountain bikes, and cyclocross. We’ve promoted race series and operated velodromes. We’ve been into hockey and rock climbing. We still live to get outside and play. These days, you’re most likely to find us surfing, downwinding, flowing some single track, or hitting the bike park.

Eastside Industries was born out of our desire to offer products that help us live the Santa Cruz lifestyle: quality, fun, handmade, thoughtful products with an appreciation for minimizing single use plastics. We hope they encourage you to get out and play.

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Eastside Industries
Santa Cruz, CA