Spirit of Post Office Sticker Pack

The world famous Post Office Jumps taught us a lot about what we can do to live our dreams. Barry Swensen Builder partnered with Santa Cruz County to allow an undeveloped and dormant lot in Aptos, California to be transformed into life with ambitiously large bike jumps. This seemingly small act led to the development of international careers and a place for local kids to push boundaries with the support of a healthy, athletic community. While those jumps are now gone, we are actively supporting the efforts to replace these lost opportunities by donating 100% of profits from sale of these stickers to the Post Office Jumps relocation efforts.

Why We Love the Spirit of Post Office Sticker Pack:

  • 4 Stickers (at least, we always throw in a random)
  • No Dig No Ride stickers featuring design from Simon Silver
  • Ride Dirt. Its thats simple
  • #SpiritOfPostOffice fits on your bike someplace special
  • Helps raise money for relocation efforts

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