Hand Poured Sea Animal Candle


After a day spent playing outside, nothing beats coming home to a cozy home to recover. Candles help set that relaxing mood and fill the air with memorable scents.

Why We Love These Hand Poured Sea Animal Candles:

  • Features unique blend of apricot, coconut & soy wax. The wax is clean burning, eco-friendly, and has a longer cleaner burn time.
  • Wood wicks are made from recycled US wood, pressure treated to ensure a nice crackle, reminiscent of a fireplace.
  • Infused with paraben & phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils to create unique scents.
  • Hand poured in an 8oz lidded jar that can be reused after candle has burned.
  • Fun, sea animal topped lid make a great gift.
  • Super long burn time of 60 hours!

Handmade in Aptos, CA

Shark is Saltwater: Sea Salt + Sea Moss + Green Vetiver
Starfish is Satsuma: Mandarin Orange + Orange Peel + Orange Blossom
Blowfish is Beach Bonfire: Sand + Sea Spray + Jasmine + Smokey Firewood
Octopus is Mermaid: Daylily + Sea Spray + Watery Florals

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