Save-A-Surf Box

The swell is pumping. It's been three weeks of doldrums. You load up the car and get down to your favorite break. Fortunately your remembered your wetsuit and board and that new set of fins. You get suited up and ready to put those fins in. But wait, you're missing a fin screw. And a fin key. Ugh. What was going to be a great session is now ruined. Keep a Save-A-Surf box in your gear bag and never lose another session!

Why We Love The Save-A-Surf Box:

  • Made for us by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout of Ventana Surfboards
  • Current batch features reclaimed cherry wood from a local cabinet shop or bay laurel from the old Cooperage building at the local university
  • There are bits of Honduras mahogany from Santa Cruz Guitar Company guitar neck offcuts as well
  • Inside it houses a bar of pine cented cold water wax and a guitar pick made from repurposed Dream Inn room keys
  • Opens by sliding out a wax comb that holds an allen key
  • Extra fin screws in the top of the box for Futures, FCS, and longboard fins
  • Extra leash string, a bottle opener, and even a sundial

Made in Santa Cruz from sustainable and repurposed materials. Each box is unique, some are darker, some are lighter.

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