Bag Towel

The beach day. Sun, sand, waves, friends, a beverage or two. We get those days throughout the year here in Santa Cruz. We keep our Bag Towel packed and ready to go at a moments notice. Suns out, tide is low? We'll see you at the beach.

Why We Love The Bag Towel:

  • High quality, durable backpack
  • Need to dry-off, change or lie down? Turn the Bag Towel inside out and access the extra-comfy terry towel sewn-up inside
  • Recycled sailboat sails provides unique style and water resistant front and interior pockets

The colors and patterns vary from bag to bag. That's because each is made using recycled and repurposed sail cloth and each run is a limited production. That means that you're getting a unique product! Made in California and machine washable.

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