Classic Octo Aviator Mug

There really is comfort in daily rituals. One of our favorite rituals is the morning surf check: a little chill in the air, warm cup of coffee in hand, watching the sun come up and the swell fill in, catching up with the dawn patrol crew.

Why We Love The Octo Aviator Mug:

  • Supple, sturdy Horween leather feels great in your hand
  • Mason jar lid screws on tight and prevent spills during transport
  • Handmade in Opelika, Alabama (we've to some roots in that area)
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean or replace jar as needed
  • Works equally well for trail head meetings on dig days and surf checks

We appreciate fine craftsmanship and love to support small businesses - this mug does both! These mugs are unique: color and leather texture varies from one mug to the next.

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